AC/DC and Melbourne

AC/DC band was formed in Sydney, but Melbourne is an important city in their career. This is the place where fame started.

It would be a shame being in Melbourne and not going to ACDC lane. The street is placed in the city center. I have first found it in Wikipedia, click here to read more. Unfortunately there is no paintings or nice graphs as many Melbourne streets. Still, some torn posters are on the wall, see the blelow photos. Within the street there  is not much except the Cherry Bar, where rock concerts take place.


if you want to know more about Young brothers band and Melbourne, I have found this interesting article.

Have a look to a fan who has put the important Melbourne spots for AC/DC on google map.

Still in Melbourne center or CDB(central business district), AC/DC has recorded a video clip at Swanston street. The song is “It’s a Long way to The Top (If You Want to Rock and Roll)” it is one of my favourite and for my kids too. From their scottish origin, bagpipes are played and suit very well guitar riffs. This song is the first one of “High voltage” album, in my opinion the best one.

As it can be seen in the video they are playing in the main street for trams. Today, the old woody trams are still used.

Enjoy the music

Flickr Top 5 photos

The following photos are the most seen ones on flickr, from my gallery. Strangely, I feel that I do not have exactly the same taste as flickr addicts. I do not understand why some photos are not seen and some others are most successful. It is very difficult to predict, if a shot will be liked or not.

Anyway just below the flickr’s top 5. The New-York shots have been taken with my old film camera, a Canon EOS 33.

Number #5 – Minou LightHouse Brittany near Brest

Number #4 – Flash Mc QUeen at Stunt Car show of Paris Disney World

Number #3 Shutdown in flame, JellyFish at Oceanopolis in Brest

Number #2 Naked Cowboy at times square, NYC

Number #1 NYPD