I am Mik, I am passionate about digital creations, since a long time : ( . I started computing at 11 with a commodore 64. Two years later, I was in charge of a local computing association and we were  providing basic programming courses. At 16, I bought an Amiga 500, and then I joined an European Demo maker band, named “Analog”.

I continued on the computing path with my studies to finally having a computer science BSc Hons at Glamorgan University in Wales. My favourites domains were 2D/3D graphics and parallel programming.

I started to be professional in 1997, I was coding in C with win32 libraries, mainly on HMI. After few years I was using MFC and C++. In 2000, I started Internet languages(HTML, XML, XLST, EJB etc..) and more important, I started Java and I still using it since.

I have worked in Industrial field for Alstom, in Telecommunication for Ericsson and mainly, for defence domain.

In defence, I have worked on several military sub-domains such as, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Artillery and Maritime Patrol. Therefore I have been creating software for different environments like Headquarters, Tanks, Submarines, Airplanes, Fregates etc.. I have worked on small and very large and complex systems. The most complexes were above millions of lines of code and integrating dozen of sensors with some real-time and near-real-time constraints. I feel being lucky to only have worked on challenging projects, I do not remember being bored, once.

I have done some extra works. Some illustrations have been published in a British magazine “Mads about dogs”. I have also work for some French Universities at Brest, for Enib and Télécom Bretagne. I was providing my experience on  project mangement and also on Corba. I am also the co-funder of the FinistJug with an alter-ego Horacio, have a look to its interesting geek Blog in French, click here to go.

Now I am willing to write articles first for me, in order to keep progressing by putting my thoughts on paper( electronic one). I wish also to communicate my failure experiences to others, in order for them to learn from it.

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