Flickr Top 5 photos

The following photos are the most seen ones on flickr, from my gallery. Strangely, I feel that I do not have exactly the same taste as flickr addicts. I do not understand why some photos are not seen and some others are most successful. It is very difficult to predict, if a shot will be liked or not.

Anyway just below the flickr’s top 5. The New-York shots have been taken with my old film camera, a Canon EOS 33.

Number #5 – Minou LightHouse Brittany near Brest

Number #4 – Flash Mc QUeen at Stunt Car show of Paris Disney World

Number #3 Shutdown in flame, JellyFish at Oceanopolis in Brest

Number #2 Naked Cowboy at times square, NYC

Number #1 NYPD